This Is How We Roll


If you are out on a DRCC club run, can you please observe the following points to maintain safety for yourself and the group.  In addition we wish to uphold our reputation as a responsible club (don’t forget we have sign written jerseys!).


When riding as a group;


1.  Please DO NOT ride more than 2 abreast. (It’s the law).


2.  Please DO NOT go through red lights (It’s the law).


3.  Please be considerate to other road users.  From time to time, you may have to single out to allow other vehicles to pass (that's the law as well).  This means looking behind to be aware of what’s going on around you.


4.  Talking of looking behind, if you are near the back, please keep checking that the rider/s behind you are still there.  If they are not, shout about it quickly so everyone knows we have dropped some riders.


5.  Please DO listen to the Ride Leader.  They are in charge.


6.  Please DO communicate with other group members concerning direction, potholes, obstacles, car back, car front etc etc (endless list!).


7.  Please DO follow the wheel (rider) in front of you (forming 2 columns).  If you ride slightly to the right, it pushes everyone else behind you out to the right.  Also, consider how this will look from following vehicles.  They may well see a group with 3, 4, or 5 riders abreast (see 1).


8.  Please DO keep a steady pace appropriate to the group capabilities and advertised speed.  Please DO ride predictably, and prepare early for stopping/turning using both hand and audible signals.


9.  Please DO make sure your cycle is in a roadworthy condition, you are carrying appropriate tools with you, you have a pump and at least 1 inner tube (possibly 2 if it's wet).  Teach yourself how to use the tools and know how to fix a puncture.  Anything can happen and you need        to be prepared to fix things whilst on the ride.


10.  Please DO be polite to other road users. This is for your own safety, and others using the road.  Please DO NOT wave other vehicles to come pass the group.  Please DO however offer a wave of thanks with a smile as the vehicle passes.


Enjoy your ride!