Club Runs Summer

Weekday Training Rides


Objective: Training rides for riders who are experienced and of a good level of fitness.  Training rides provide an opportunity to improve fitness or work towards entry level racing and time trialling.


Speed: 18+mph over distances of 30 to 35 miles.


Description: Due to the nature of the weekday training rides, riders are expected to be of a level of fitness to be able to keep to the pace of the ride and also be self-reliant in the event that the pace is too quick.  As a guide, speeds on flat roads with no wind will aim to be 2-4mph quicker than the ride average.




Saturday DRCC Ride


Objective: Club ride that is aimed at being slower than weekday training rides but quicker than Sunday G2 rides.


Speed: 15-17mph average over a distance of 35 to 45 miles.


Description: Riders should be at a good level of fitness.  This provides an opportunity to ride at more of a G1 pace but over shorter distances than the Sunday rides.  This will provide a good indication as to whether a move from G2 to G1 is the right thing for a rider.  However, if it's appropriate, and the number of riders dictate, we will also run a G2 ride following a similar route.  These rides will include a coffee stop.


Saturday morning club runs aim to cover a distance of 35 to 45 miles at an average of 15-17mph.  Saturday rides are intended to be slower than the weekday training rides but quicker than the Sunday club runs.




Sunday DRCC Club Runs (G1)


Objective: A social club ride for the fitter cyclist who is experienced at riding in a group and has experience of time trials, local racing and sportives.


Speed: 17+mph average over ride distances of 50 to 70 miles.


Description: Average speeds may look achievable but flat road speeds will most likely be higher than the ride average.  As a rule of thumb, group 1 rides on a flat road with no wind will ride between 20–22mph.  The average speed is reflected in the slowing for junctions and the riding of hills within the route.




Sunday DRCC Club Runs (G2)


Objective: A social club ride for riders who already have a reasonable level of fitness or who are looking to improve their level of fitness over slightly longer distances and at a slightly higher pace.


Speed: 14-16mph average over distances of 40 to 65 miles.


Description: Well suited to riders who are looking for a more social ride with the opportunity to recover and regroup after hills.  Café stops for a well needed coffee and a cake are always planned for these rides.




Club Runs Winter


Winter rides generally take effect from when the clocks change in October.  Weekday training rides move indoors and Pedalworks run a good indoor turbo training session on Wednesday evenings.


Weekend rides see the average summer speeds drop and provide a good opportunity to maintain fitness and enjoy a social ride throughout the cold winter months.


Note: Due to the inconsistencies of winter weather, start times, distances and averages are subject to change and will be stated week to week by the ride leader.